11 Plus Forum for Parents


For all parents across London, Sussex and Essex we have set up local support networks to help each and every one of you with the upcoming 2021 grammar school tests.

As teachers and students, we felt its absolutely necessary that all parents get access to the tools and resources they need to support their children in the upcoming exams.

We have also opened up this website to be a bit of a forum of communication. This means that we are more than happy for you to ask any questions which may be concerning you in your childs study.

We have come across questions in the following areas:

  • Study time
  • Tuition time and advice
  • Costs
  • Understanding if your child is capable
  • Finding the right resources
  • Where to start?

Its definitely a daunting experience for each and every one of you, and at the least, a year long commitment. We as local support workers, endeavour to help provide you the necessary information on your journey. Feel free to comment, send us an email or even call and you will be routed through to one of us.

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Where to start with Grammar Tuition?

Understandably so, we have had this question a lot, if not all the time. As parents who may not have been through the grammar school tests and entrance exams, especially if this is your first child its hard to get to grips with what you may need. We have compiled a few quick resources to get you started but this isnt the be all and end all.

We will address that later, but first of all here is the list:

I have what i need for Grammar Tuition shall i get a tutor?

Well, yes and no. Grammar tutors are a great way of accelerating your childs learning. You can’t really compete with an experienced tutor who has taken multiple children through the Grammar School entrance exams. However, that doesnt mean that you cant do it.

Grammar tutors bring the following:

  • Knowledge of what works
  • High cost
  • An eye for strengths and weaknesses
  • Curriculum – knowing what to study and how
  • A dedicated environment

In a lot of our 11 plus forum conversations that we have either on a weekly basis – we have seen parents discuss this a lot.

Either the student becomes easily distracted, the educational environment isnt the best, or they struggle to recognise what they are / arent doing well.

Do not feel bad about this, especially if youre a specialist in a very different area and not teaching.

What we recommend is that you, as a parent, self-tutor so you are aware of how it works, what is needed, and so you are involved in your childs learning process. However, as soon as you realise you are out of your depth, you need to bring in a professional or use a service that provides the same options.

Its important you do this as you could possibly hold your childs own development back which would impact their success in the 11 plus entrance exams indirectly.

Do not be too stubborn, but dont be too much of a novice either!